I am an experienced speaker; confident, persuasive and with presence - within small groups or with large audiences. I am passionate about communication and related subjects such as social media and public relations is always apparent. I have spoken in a wide variety of settings, across a mix of industries, professions and organisations. No matter what you do, you and your colleagues need to communicate effectively. I can bring this experience and knowledge to bear on communication within and without your organisation.

“Martin Molony’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. A great storyteller, he is able to quickly grasp the essentials of a situation and communicate any message effectively.”

“A wide understanding and creative approach to Social Media, aware of its impact and future – good humoured – fast thinking communicator – highly recommended.”

“An amazing lecturer whose creativity in lectures made his classes unmissable and his subject matter fascinating!”

“A brilliantly creative and effective speaker who clearly and concisely delivered an overview of communications in business in Ireland.”

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